Schoolhouse Lane Master Bath | Geneva, Illinois

Our client wanted to update and add a touch of luxury to the space. We removed the tub deck and replaced it with a silver claw-footed stand alone tub to make a grand statement. We expanded the footprint of the shower to meet the family’s needs and taste, letting the natural light filter in through the large glass door. The neutral, relatively monochromatic color on the walls and tile work together to create a feeling of open space, while the contrasting dark wood of the vanity cabinetry adds a level of richness to the room. 

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Silver ornate faucet head with white hot and cold labels
Ceramic tub with chrome feet
Sink and mirror with window to the right

How Much Will Your Bathroom Remodel Cost?

The cost of your bathroom renovations will be greatly dependent on what your needs are and the current space you have to work with. To get an idea of what full-service bathroom remodels at various levels actually cost, view our Bathroom Pricing Guide.



grey walls bathroom remodel with white counters
Softly lit shower with glass doors and tile
Mirror with lights on and ceramic white tub

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