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Community, both our local and global, is very important to us at Hogan Design & Construction. That is why each month we focus support and help build awareness for a different organization that is working to make our world safer, happier, healthier and better.  Each one of our employees has an opportunity to select a charity for us to spread awareness and provide with a monetary donation. We are all truly grateful to be part of these efforts because we know we are ultimately stronger together. So, we welcome you to explore our Project Hope stories and if you are able and feel moved to, support these organizations that are working towards the greater good.

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May 2021 | Midwest Shelter for Homeless Veterans

Midwest Shelter for Homeless Veterans (MSHV) was co-founded in 2000 by Robert Adams, a social worker, and Vietnam Vet, with a mission to leave no veteran behind due to homelessness, unemployment, poverty, and/or mental health. In 2004, Dirk Enger, a Desert Storm Vet, and Iron Worker joined the organization and together they worked to establish transitional housing for area veterans. In 2005, the inaugural shelter was established.

Today the organization provides affordable, permanent supportive and transitional housing, a commissary, case management, and supportive services, and a veteran employment program to at-risk veterans. These initiatives work to deliver the MSHV mission “to end veteran homelessness in northeast Illinois and neighboring communities so that no person who has defended our homes goes without a home”.

Find out how you can get involved and be a part of the solution. Veterans have already done so much for us. It’s time for us to do for them. 


April 2021 | PAWS Chicago

April is Prevention of Animal Cruelty month and PAWS Chicago has been focused on that mission since it’s inception in 1997. In that year, over 93% of homeless pets that entered the Chicago City Pound would be euthanized. The organization has worked to educate the public on the killings of homeless animals and has been working to change it since its first adoption event held in 1998.

Today the group works to reduce the homeless pet overpopulation through their spay and neuter services, adoption centers, as well as crisis support and community outreach programs. 

Learn how you can get involved. Donate. Adopt. Foster. Volunteer. Become part of Team PAWS. We can all be a part of this solution.


March 2021 | charity:  water

Almost 1 in every 10 people worldwide do not have access to clean water. The number is staggering. Charity: Water is working to solve this global issue by working with local experts and community members to find sustainable solutions.

Bringing clean water to rural areas of developing countries not only improves the health of the community, it also increases access to food, grows the local economy, and helps kids spend more time in school.

Learn how you can get involved. Considering donating today or becoming a member of The Spring community.


February 2021 | Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago

Founded in 1882, Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago (formerly known as Children’s Memorial Hospital) has a 183 year legacy that continues to focus on the treatment and support of the health and well-being of all children and their families, despite financial status, with the newest advancements in medical technology and most recent benefits. 

Through Northwestern's Feinberg School of Medicine (a part of the Lurie Children’s) and their community outreach initiatives, this not-for-profit medical organization has become a leader in pediatric healthcare delivery, research into the prevention, causes, and treatment of childhood diseases, education for doctors and other healthcare professionals, and the advocacy for the general well-being of all children.

Their work continues and they need our help. See how you can get involved. There are many ways to give (financially and in time/energy) to this long-standing Chicago institution.


January 2021 | ChildFund International

Today, worldwide, 570 million children live in extreme poverty. All children - including those 570 million - have rights to the support, protection, and care they need to grow up healthy and strong. As a child-focused international development organization, ChildFund exists to change underlying factors that prevent children from fully experiencing these rights.

In January 2021, we decided as an organization to sponsor a child. We will continue to see to this child's care and welfare through this organization and we encourage others to consider taking on this cause. You will make an enormous difference in a child's life if you should decide to sponsor a child as well. 

Mickias is a 7-year-old boy who resides in the northern part of Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia with his father, mother, and brother. The rugged, mountainous area is densely populated with very old, and run-down homes. People struggle to make a living, doing odd jobs for little wages. 

He feels very fortunate to have a supportive family and likes to help out at home by cleaning the house. Like many children across the globe, he enjoys playing with his best friend, Eires, and looks forward to their biggest holiday celebration which is the New Year.

Mickias is enrolled in his 2nd year at school and loves English. Recently he has been working on verbs. When he grows up, he hopes to become a pilot so that he can get to know all of the world.

The money raised by ChildFund  will help him thrive, providing education materials, school uniforms, health care services, and improving the overall livelihood of him directly, his guardians, and the entire community.



December 2020 | Marine Toys for Tots

What started out as a small act of kindness, now brings joy and hope to many children in need. In 1947, Marine Corps Reserve Major Bill Hendricks was sent out by his wife with several hand-made dolls to deliver to an agency that supported children in need. What they soon found out was that one did not exist, so Toys for Tots was born. With the help of his marine corp unit, Major Hendricks distributed 5,000 toys that year in the LA area. Now the organization brings cheer into the homes of over 800 communities, delivering 19 million toys across all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. 

Help us bring some joy and hope this season. Donate today or drop off your unwrapped toy (no plush please) at our headquarters through December 11th.

Toys for Tots Santa

Source: Marine Toys for Tots About Us Page

November 2020 | Aurora Area Interfaith Food Pantry

The Aurora Area Interfaith Food Pantry was founded in 1981 with the mission to help end local hunger by ensuring that everyone has access to enough nourishing food, thereby helping our overall community stay healthy and productive. They are dedicated to serving those in need in a compassionate and dignified manner, making sure that their clients have choice in their food to best nourish their families and in the frequency in which they can visit. This year, more than ever, so many of our friends, neighbors and broader community members are struggling. We encourage anyone that has the means to consider donating to this cause.


October 2020 | The National Breast Cancer Foundation

The National Breast Cancer Foundation was founded in 1991 by breast cancer survivor, Janelle Hail. NBCF's mission is to help women now by providing help and inspiring hope to those affected by breast cancer through early detection, education, and support services. That's why NBCF provides free mammograms to women in all 50 states through their network of hospitals. They work with people all around the world to provide breast cancer education. Most adults have been directly or know someone who has been directly impacted by this disease. We encourage you to support this organization and the great work they do.

Hogan Design & Construction and The National Breast Cancer Foundation

September 2020 | Back to School Backpacks

In September, Hogan Design and Construction (HDC) decided to focus on not just one organization, but five. Each week, HDC will select one of the following worthy organizations to feature and make a $100 donation. Since the month of September marks the back to school period for many families, HDC opted to go with a month-long backpacks theme. Please take a moment to visit and support each of these amazing organizations; Volunteers of AmericaThe Backpack Project Inc., Feeding AmericaTogether We Rise, and Backpack Beginnings.

Hogan Design & Construction September Project Hope

August 2020 | My Block, My Hood, My City

My Block, My Hood, My City is focused on bringing opportunities and awareness to underserved teens by introducing them to the world outside of their neighborhood. At its root, the organization seeks to illustrate the interconnectivity of our greater surroundings, help grow and develop empathy between different communities, instill a civic responsibility in every person they reach, and provide hope for a better world and future. We can all do better and we encourage all to get involved today.

Hogan Design & Construction My Block, My Hood, My City

July 2020 | Gary Sinise Foundation

For July 2020, we have decided to focus our support and PROJECT HOPE efforts on the Gary Sinise Foundation. It is dedicated to honoring our defenders, veterans, first responders, their families, and those in need by creating and supporting unique programs designed to entertain, educate, inspire, strengthen, and build communities. The programs and initiatives spearheaded by the foundation create homes for wounded veterans, provide mental health services to servicemen and their loved ones, bridge the gap between civilians and military families with community-building events and experiences and provide comfort to servicemen who are stationed away through Lieutenant Dan Band concerts and comfort food.

As of July 2020, through their fundraising and volunteer efforts, the Gary Sinise Foundation has built 62 adapted smart homes for wounded veterans, retrofitted 20 specially adapted homes, and provided 16 adapted vehicles to help improve the lives of our injured servicemen and women. The foundation has hosted over 116k veterans and family members of the fallen at their numerous events, building a supportive community that demonstrates the true spirit or our country and our desire to show continued support of our nation's defenders.

This organization is doing great things and we are happy to support them. We encourage all of you that feel compelled by this mission to get involved and/or donate to the cause. We remain forever grateful to all the servicemen, servicewomen, and first responders that put themselves in harm's way so that we can remain safe at home.

June 2020 | Ink 180

INK 180 is an organization that transforms painful reminders of destructive situations into beautiful art by covering tattoos and scars left behind from self-harm, domestic violence, former gang life, or human trafficking. Below we have shared some of these stories and we encourage all of you that are moved to and able to support these efforts in any way you can. It’s never too late for a new beginning.

Chris, the founder of INK 180, grew up in a house filled with domestic violence. His dad was mentally and physically abusive with him, his mom and younger sister. Growing up in a situation like that takes a toll on the whole family. At the age of 13, Chris decided he was never going to get married and have kids because he was afraid of becoming like his father. 

“One of the most satisfying parts of doing this work is seeing the look of relief on our clients’ faces when they see that they don’t have to look at the painful reminders every day.”

As a tattoo artist, Chris often sees women with tattoos that come from a terrible time in their lives. In some cases, an ex even forced a woman to get his name tattooed on her or get matching tattoos. INK 180 works with great organizations like Mutual Ground, offering free tattoo removal or cove

“One of the most satisfying parts of doing this work is seeing the look of relief on our clients’ faces when they see that they don’t have to look at the painful reminders every day. Tattoos often hold a lot of meaning. They tell a part of our story, good or bad, that is displayed to the outside world.” INK 180 is all about rewriting the narrative and leading a path to a happier ending.r-up services to victims to eliminate the mental health triggers that the forced tattoos can cause.

Annotation 2020-06-04 133537


The world of human trafficking is a dark, violent world that we have in front of us every day but rarely see or realize it. INK 180 works with State, Local and Federal Law enforcement and safe house organizations to provide free coverups of branding tattoos often forced on victims by pimps or traffickers to mark them, in tattoo form, as a piece of product (not unlike cattle ranchers do with their livestock). Women, men, boys and girls are forced to sell themselves for sex 10-15 times a day and return all of the money to their trafficker or face incredible violence or death. 

The black and grey rose tattoos featured belong to Jaqueline, a victim of human trafficking for seven years in and around Springfield, IL. Her pimp, whose name was “Realist” forcibly tattooed “Realist B@#$%” on the back of her hands. She was rescued in an operation between the FBI and Springfield PD. 

She entered a safe house program to begin counseling in a secured environment. After 2 years, she graduated from the program, moved into her own apartment far from Springfield and started a business doing landscape architecture. In addition to running her business, she also works hard as an advocate for survivors and an educator to help young people avoid the same thing she fell into.

Jaqueline made the decision to cover the original tattoos as opposed to removing them but had no idea what she wanted. Due to her love of flowers and her work, INK 180 suggested the roses. The coverups were completed in one afternoon and she was ecstatic. She no longer had to look at the horrible reminders of the past but the design also captures and represents the beauty and growth of her new beginning.

Annotation 2020-06-04 133538


Chris and Lisa Baker, founders of INK 180, grew up in South Central Los Angeles during the peak of the gang wars of the 80’s and 90’s. While they were not involved in gangs or gang activity, most of their friends were. When they started in 2011, their initial focus was on gangs but more specifically, helping people who were leaving that life in favor of a new life, free of violence and criminal activity. INK 180 does not judge people based on their past, but seeks to encourage them in their NEW life.

The chalk boarding tattoo coverup shown with this story belongs to Javier, a former member of the gang Satan’s Disciples. He is now a family man with a wife and recently, had his first child. (The time on the clock featured on his arm is the time that his daughter was born, just 3 weeks before INK 180 did the tattoo.) 

He has moved his family far away from the streets of South Chicago where he grew up to give his family a fresh start. Javier now works as a manager in a warehouse and strives to give second chances to others who have a past. He also does outreach work with at risk youth and is letting his story serve as a cautionary tale to the reality of gang life. 

“It’s not the brotherhood that the gangs often tout when recruiting kids into that life. The gangs see them as a disposable resource and that’s why we continue to fight as hard as we do, to steer kids away from the dead-end of gang life.” 

In addition to removing and covering gang tattoos for people choosing to go in a much more positive direction, Chris and Lisa do outreach work in some of Chicago’s toughest neighborhoods like Englewood, Little Village and Pilsen and speak in the school system to spread a message of positivity and other opportunities.

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In 2017, Chris, of INK 180, was speaking at a high school in Aurora and was approached by a young woman named Jennie, a senior in high school. After the class session was over, she had stayed to have a one on one conversation with him. She asked about tattooing over scar tissue. (Tattooing over scars is a very delicate process because it’s more sensitive and if done improperly, it can cause keloid scarring.) 

Jennie was looking to get scars covered on her inner forearm and pulled up the sleeve to reveal rows of scars from years of self harm. She explained how she wore long sleeves all the time to cover them because she was ashamed. From that moment on, INK 180 added scar coverups to the roster of services provided to help people heal. 

With limited understanding of the mental health side of self harm and concerned that the act of tattooing would mimic that same sensation of cutting, INK 180 sought advice and education from local counselors and professionals . People who battle with cutting or self harm do it to feel external pain and vent the internal turmoil they hold inside. However, tattoo coverups are used to be a daily reminder to not go back down that path.

INK 180 works directly with counselors to offer these coverups to their clients when they are at a point in their journey where it is helpful to them, ensuring they have and are receiving the care they need to prevent further self harm in their lives.

Annotation 2020-06-04 133530


Tattoos for Ink180

May 2020 | Tricity Family Services

Since 1967, Tricity Family Services has been Kane County's leading provider of counseling and other mental health services to clients of all ages and all income levels. Their experienced team or professional therapists provides the residents of Central Kane County and other neighboring Chicagoland communities with counseling, family-based treatment for eating disorders, emotional wellness workshops and support groups, and employee assistance programs. They are committed to helping area residents strengthen themselves, their families and their communities.

At Hogan Design & Construction, we are only as good as the strength of our communities and are proud to be able to help give back to our town. Many of us have been touched by mental illness and stressors in our lives. We hope that if you are able, you will consider donating to this worthy organization that seeks to help families and individuals navigate through tough times. And for those of you struggling yourselves, there is no shame in seeking help. We strongly encourage any of you that may be in need to reach out to this organization.

Children standing together smiling

April 2020 | #SAVEWITHSTORIES Save the Children & No Child Hungry

In early 2020, the Coronavirus Pandemic spread rapidly throughout the nation and the entire world. Across the country, schools shut down which left millions of children not only missing out on learning, but also breakfast, lunch, and, in some cases, dinner. @savewithstories was created in partnership with Save the Children and No Kid Hungry, to help alleviate some of the struggle families were and continue to be facing.

The movement offers stories on Instagram and Facebook to provide fun and education to kids and parents stuck at home during the coronavirus outbreak. Donations received for these stories help Save the Children and No Kid Hungry make sure schools and community programs have the support they need to keep brains and bellies full. The #savewithstories campaign also helps Save the Children's important work to meet the health, education, and nutrition needs of kids in other countries impacted by Coronavirus.

Hogan Design & Construction was excited to participate in this movement, even making our own storytime videos that can be seen on our Facebook and Youtube pages. So sit down with your kids and listen to a story or two, and if you are able, please consider donating to this fulfilling cause.

Johnny with kids for save with stories

March 2020 | Feed My Starving Children

Every year, millions of children die from preventable causes and hunger is still causing nearly half of deaths in children under 5 years old. Feed My Starving Children (FMSC) believes hope starts with food and works with food distribution partners that stay with communities for the long haul, empowering them to move from relief to development. The organization believes that food assistance is a vital component in the process of transitioning individuals, families, and communities out of chronic hunger and poverty and into self-sufficiency.

FMSC meals are developed by food science and nutrition professionals to supplement nutritional needs and reduce problems with malnutrition. Nutrition allows children to grow, thrive, and develop to their full potential.

It is hard to believe that, in 2020, hunger is still a national and global problem we continue to have to fight, and at Hogan Design & Construction, we are compelled to lend a hand to try and eradicate the issue. For the past three years, our team has donated time and funds to this cause that directly impacts our local and global community. We encourage all of you to get involved. There are many ways you can make an impact through monetary donations and volunteering your time.

HDC team supporting Feed My Starving Children

February 2020 | ASPCA

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals® (ASPCA®) as the first humane society to be established in North America and is, today, one of the largest in the world. It was founded on the belief that animals are entitled to kind and respectful treatment at the hands of humans and must be protected under the law. The organization is recognized as a national animal welfare organization and continues to raise awareness and save the lives of countless animals.

This organization is near and dear to our hearts at Hogan Design & Construction, with many of us having fur babies of our own. If you have a four-legged family member or any other pet, please show them love and kindness. We implore all of you to additionally consider donating to this organization to help save the lives of animals who are not so fortunate.

Dogs of the HDC team

January 2020 | ChildFund International

Today, worldwide, 570 million children live in extreme poverty. All children - including those 570 million - have rights to the support, protection, and care they need to grow up healthy and strong. As a child-focused international development organization, ChildFund exists to change underlying factors that prevent children from fully experiencing these rights.

In January 2020, we decided as an organization to sponsor a child. We will continue to see to this child's care and welfare through this organization and we encourage others to consider taking on this cause. You will make an enormous difference in a child's life if you should decide to sponsor a child as well. 

Joseph (Josy) is an 8-year-old boy who resides within Kisumu County in western Kenya. He resides with his dad, brother, sister, and grandparents. They live in a semi-permanent house with an iron sheet roof that is not well ventilated. They fetch water from the river near their home and have to treat the water before use to prevent water-borne diseases like cholera. 

The grandfather is a small scale farmer who grows maize and beans on a quarter acre piece of land where they also stay. The crops hardly do well due to either too much rainfall or prolonged drought. They also keep local sheep and goats. 

Josy helps his family by looking after the goats when at home, fetching water and firewood. And he loves when his grandmother tells him stories that make him smile and laugh. The annual income of the family is less than $250 dollars which is not enough to meet the health and education needs of the child. 

Joseph is enrolled in his 2nd year at school. His favorite subject is English, his favorite color is blue and he loves to play soccer with his best friend Shelden. When he grows up he dreams of becoming a driver because they get to control a vehicle!