HDC Design Services

Hogan Design & Construction is a company built from a vision. A vision to create building experiences that exceed our client's and community's expectations. We also understand that sometimes schedules and other life events make it difficult to find time for in-person meetings. We are here to provide beautiful and functional solutions, from design to construction, for all your remodeling projects.

How Much Will Your Remodel Cost? 

While no two projects are alike, our free pricing guide will help you know what to expect when meeting with contractors to discuss your project. At Hogan Design & Construction, we will continually provide you with accurate estimates throughout the design process and establish a fixed price before construction begins.




Design Services: What to Expect

We come to you. Let’s talk about your space and get to know one another. Tell us the problems you are having and what visions you have for your space. It all happens in your space so we can see it live and get a firm understanding of your dreams for your home. We will also discuss possible solutions for your room(s).

During our initial consultation, we will get an idea of what you would like to do with your space and some thoughts on how to execute it. We are then going to ask a lot of questions to fully understand the reasons you want to do this remodel as well as to examine all the options that will help accomplish your goals. This will allow us to provide you with a rough budget range estimate for the proposed project.

Each project requires a different level of design. A bathroom design can often be done with a simple space plan and selection guidance, while a new home is going to involve architects, civil engineers, designers, and a complete review of all plans/specs to provide final construction costs. The first step in creating a custom Design Package is to determine who will need to be involved. This also happens during the initial consultation. You will then be presented with a Discovery Contract and/or a Design Contract that will get all of the key players for your project involved.

This is the next step in our process for those needing an architect and/or engineer involved in a renovation. You know how your space needs to perform, now it’s time to discuss what it will look like. Working with our design team, you can begin to define what you want for your space. You talk. We listen and learn. What are your likes and dislikes? What is your style? Even if you don’t know yet, we will help you define it. Following this discussion, you will be presented with a Design Contract via our online communication portal. This contract is a result of all key players having an understanding of what it will take to deliver the project you have imagined.

Upon signing the Design Contract, the project team moves into the Design Development phase. Our design team will then take your input and create a tangible and realistic vision for your space based on your tastes and budget. They will present you with design options and 3D renderings throughout the process to help you realize your dreams.

Upon approval of the design, we will begin creating the elevations needed to begin the build on your project. Every detail will be accounted for and outlined, in order to ensure that your building experience will go smoothly when you begin your construction project.

The final step is taking all of the information from the design phase to provide you with final construction pricing. This is done by our estimating team and subcontractors. Plans are reviewed, selections are priced out and scopes of work are defined. During this step, our trade partners and production team will conduct an on-site visit to walk through the project which ensures the expected work is clearly communicated and questions are answered before the work begins. The end result is a final and accurate construction price for the project you have envisioned.

We understand that sometimes schedules and other life events make it difficult to find time for in-person meetings. A lot can get done even when we cannot meet face to face. Our Virtual Design Services include all services listed above. It can be done over the phone with materials shared ahead of time or via video conferencing.

HDC will always seek to find ways in which we can make our customers’ lives easier and break down the barriers to realizing the space of their dreams. Our Virtual Design Services can get you started on transforming your space from the comfort of your own residence or office.

Learn more about our Virtual Design Services and how HDC provides beautiful and functional solutions, from design to construction, for all your home remodeling projects.