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Unfortunately it is not as simple as a cost per square foot. It depends on the space itself. 

Are we building open living spaces? Are we building a large kitchen or bath that requires plumbing and ventilation? Is there masonry involved? The size of the space(s) and its primary use(s) will impact the cost.

We also have to consider what changes may need to be made to your home to unite the new design with your existing space. Selections as well as how the new structure or design needs to perform weigh into the price and can vary greatly.   

However with twenty years of experience in the industry, feel confident that Hogan Design & Construction will provide you with strong rough estimates before beginning the design process. Details will still need to be worked out in design but we take pride in listening to your input, getting to know your needs and tastes, so that numbers we present are a true representation of what to expect.

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The definition is in the name. We are simply a company that can design and construct your space. 

We have a team of architects, interior designers, carpenters, subcontractors and production/project managers that already have established, trusted relationships and who work collaboratively to bring the concept for your home to life. 

The end result is a more efficient building process that saves our client(s) the hassle of having to manage all the moving parts when taking on a home or commercial construction project.

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Since each project is different, we are unable to give a blanket statement of time. Once we have spoken to you about what you want to accomplish with your space, we will be able to provide you with an estimated timeline. Let’s start the conversation. Talk with us and we will let you know what to expect.

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The length of time spent in the design process at Hogan Design & Construction is greatly dependent on the size and complexity of the project. In general, most kitchens and bath projects can take 1 to 4 months in design. However, full home renovations or additions will most likely take longer.

The permit process also can add to the timeline. Some projects, like a bathroom, may be able to get a permit within a week. However, larger remodeling projects, or if you live in an area with restrictions such as a historic district that has additional requirements and meetings, may take months. 

Once our staff members have spoken with you about the work you would like to have done and learned the area in which you live, we will be able to give you an accurate estimate of timing.

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At Hogan Design & Construction, we have staff on hand and subcontractors that we use to ensure your space is completed to code and with the highest quality. 

We have well-established relationships with our trade partners who are as invested as we are in giving you your dream space. We have a Lead Carpenter and skilled labor on-staff who work tirelessly to ensure your space exceeds your expectations upon completion. 

And, every client has a designated project manager who is with you from beginning to end, keeping you up-to-date and aware of the progress being made while fielding any questions and addressing any input or concerns you may have. 

We are focused on providing you a smooth and relatively effortless building experience.

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Simply put, it protects you and your home in the event that anything should happen during renovations. If a worker gets hurt while working on your project, workmen’s compensation pays for expenses due to injuries and lost wages. 

And, while no contractor intentionally harms a home, accidents can occur. If damage is done to your existing house during construction, liability insurance makes certain that your contractor/its insurance company is responsible and able to cover the cost of damages.

Always ask to see a contractor’s workers compensation package and insurance policies prior to signing a contract. If they are working with sub-contractors, make sure that they are included as well. By knowing what is covered, you eliminate financial risks associated with a construction project.  

At Hogan Design & Construction, we’ve got you covered and are happy to present you with a copy of our policies before beginning work.

Home remodeling/building is not a cheap undertaking and no one wants to add the additional costs associated with accidents and incidents that may occur. If something were to happen while the company is working at your home, you could see your project costs go up and, in some cases, even be held liable.

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Learn more about protecting you and your home during a renovation or remodeling project.

100%. We take pride in our work and that is why we offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty on all our projects, far beyond industry standards of 12 months. 

What does a Limited Lifetime Warranty mean? We stand behind our end product, against defects in materials or workmanship under normal use after proper installation. Our warranty is valid for as long as you live in your home or until you alter the space. 

However, the warranty is not transferable. So if you sell your home or structurally change the space, it will no longer be valid.

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Alterations to your project’s scope of work, after the contract is signed, will be processed through a Change Order. 

A Change Order is a document used to record an amendment to the original construction contract. The order will outline how the scope of work has changed, the additional services to be rendered and its impact on the project financials and timing.

At Hogan Design & Construction, we send Change Orders to you via our communications software for your digital signatures. This allows you to quickly be able to locate and reference the order - should you have questions - and keeps you up to date on the total project cost and schedule. This process ensures that there are no financial surprises upon completion of the project.

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Hogan Design & Construction ensures all tradesmen that enter your home are appropriately licensed and insured by your state of residence. All subcontractors are vetted and are held to high standards and accountable through our subcontractor agreement. And, we work with partners who hold the same values based on honesty, respect and integrity. 

We want you to feel entirely comfortable with all team members that work in your home and while we have never had an issue, we are always here to listen to your concerns and address any issues should they arise.  

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In every home remodeling project there is a level of dust and dirt generated along with it. At Hogan Design & Construction, we always take you and your household into consideration and ensure that we are taking every precaution to protect you and your spaces.

What can you expect? 

  • We clean up the area daily. 
  • We hang dust barriers and drape floor/furniture coverings in and around the space being worked to help contain the mess. 


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Guaranteed. Your project manager will review the schedule with you before and during the build. Additionally, our online system allows you to check in on and track your project any time, day or night, via computer or via an app on your smartphone.

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Most often the answer is yes. Usually cities and townships require a permit for larger renovation projects. Smaller jobs, such as changing out an appliance or painting, most likely would not require one. It is always best to check with your local building department to be sure if you are undertaking the project on your own. This article from The Spruce helps outline what kind of work typically requires permits, but a call is always warranted to your municipality.

At Hogan Design & Construction, we take care of all the permit paperwork and inspections so you don’t need to.

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Of course. The space should always reflect your vision. Our design centers and designers are available to help you make material choices such as cabinetry, flooring, tile, and countertops, but if you have a specific product in mind we are happy to incorporate it into the design and discuss how that will work.

We also have partnerships with area showrooms for additional product selections such as appliances, smart home technology, and lighting. Our goal is to make your dream a reality.

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After you have received your initial estimate and have decided to proceed, you will sign a Design or Construction Contract depending on the scope of work. From there, the design and/or planning process begins. In the design process, you will work with an architect (if your project warrants one) and a designer to develop a vision for your space. It is during this process that drawings are provided for review.

If you have signed a Construction Contract, you will receive drawings during the planning process for review.

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Starting with an open and honest budget discussion is key to delivering a space that fits your needs and tastes appropriately. At Hogan Design & Construction, our designers work hard to realize the dream for your space using creative solutions and ideas to make certain the designs presented are ultimately something that can be executed based on your finances. Anything else would be a waste of your time.

Start the conversation. Contact us. We are happy to discuss your project and give you an idea of the cost based on what you want and need to accomplish in your space(s).

If you are considering renovations for the first time, you may not know what a realistic budget would be for your project. This Cost vs. Value resource (link to cost vs. value worksheet) can also be helpful as you begin to think about your upcoming remodeling projects.

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It truly depends on the project and your preference. In many cases, our clients have decided to stay within their homes during a renovation project, especially when the project is specific to one area and the mess can be isolated. The Hogan Design & Construction team always considers how the remodel impacts your everyday, and we work with you to be the least disruptive possible. 

For more extensive jobs however, it may be preferred or more practical for you to temporarily relocate in order to ensure your safety and sanity. Rest assured, we will always discuss your situation prior to starting the build and provide you with recommendations so you will know what to expect.

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Yes. Hogan Design & Construction has built its reputation on its honesty, integrity and dependability. We are a builder with many years of experience and references that back it up. We never take on a project that we cannot handle, and we stand by our work, 100%, with a Limited Lifetime Warranty on all our projects.

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At Hogan Design & Construction, we are committed to being as transparent as possible. Despite our best efforts however, there are some things we just won’t know until we begin working in your space. Additionally, there might be items that pop up as the space begins to develop that you want to add or change. 

As a result, we do recommend setting aside some additional funds to cover possible, unforeseen issues. We try to make sure you are aware of potential issues during the estimate and design process and let you know of the potential cost implications it could have. And, we try to anticipate your needs upfront, to minimize any changes to plan that can occur during the build.

Rest assured that if something does come up, we will provide timely communication and propose solutions to help stay as close to your original budget as possible.

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The estimate is meant to serve as an initial price guideline of what to expect based on the work you’d like done. It is only a rough calculation that is based on our experience with similar size projects. It is often done onsite at the first consultation. As we work through the design or planning process, we will continually update you on how the preliminary estimate has changed.

The proposal price is reached after we have met and developed a design/build plan for your project. It will include the finalized plan and scope, all chosen selections, as well as labor, permit, and material costs. We will both sign off on this proposal before work begins and any changes that occur thereafter will be handled through a Change Order.

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People often get into trouble when they automatically go with the lowest bidder. When vetting a contractor or design build firm, reputation and references can help ensure that you will be happy throughout the process and with the end product. 

Looking at the company’s portfolios can give you a sense of the quality. And, reading reviews and asking for recommendations from friends and neighbors you trust can help you identify your contenders. 

When assessing price differences, consider the service as well as the craftsmanship that you are getting for the cost. At Hogan Design & Construction, we stand behind our quality 100%, with a Limited Lifetime Warranty on all our work.

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The standard recommendation is to get three bids since getting comparisons can help you in your decision making process. However, in addition to price, we recommend taking into account the service the company will provide, the quality of the product they produce and what type of relationship you will have. 

The most important thing in making your decision is to ensure that you are comfortable with and can trust the contractor you choose since their team will be in and out of your home on a daily basis during construction. Whether you choose Hogan Design & Construction or another firm, you should feel confident that they will be honest with and respectful of you.

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While e-mail and text can be used to communicate a lot of information, we have found that a simple phone call can avoid a lot of the back and forth and quickly establish if Hogan Design & Construction is the right fit for you and your project. Occasionally there are jobs that might not work with our business model and processes. The last thing we want to do is waste your time with an unproductive meeting.

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Yes. Following our initial consultation, we will provide you with a rough calculation that is based on our experience with similar size projects. This estimate will help you establish a preliminary budget for your project and aid you in making the decision to proceed with the project.

 A finalized budget will be agreed upon after the design or planning process is completed, when all selections have been made and the full scope of work defined.

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