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Hogan Design & Construction is a private, family-owned and operated company. As our business continues to grow, we are always on the look out for experienced, motivated and hard working individuals from every field. If you are a collaborative, customer-service oriented person and committed to building beautiful spaces, we’d love to talk.


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The project manager is to provide:

- Onsite supervision for all job sites

- Supervise all carpenters

- Order all materials

- Confirm and adjust the schedule for all subcontractors

- Expedite timely completion of the job adhering to the original plan

- Ensure company rules and quality and safety standards are met

- Leadership

Project Manager Job Requirements:

- Positive attitude

- Strong communication, job coordination, organizational and supervisory skills

- Extensive rough & finish carpentry skills

- Knowledge of a broad range of construction methods and techniques

- Problem Solver

- Ability to communicate well with employees, subs, and clients

- Availability to attend and contribute to company functions outside of normal business hours

-Ability to multi-task and delegate effectively

Customer Communication

  • Daily customer contact-using Office manager Daily Email Update
  • Respond to customers within one business hour of them reaching out to you(Even if you are just acknowledging that you are working on their concern)
  • Getting answers to customer questions in a timely manner, but at least within 24 hours.(If you do not have an answer within 24hrs, update customer of progress)
  • Writing and presenting change orders within 24 hours(Brad can assist when needed)Includes no charge changes.
  • Scheduling and conducting weekly site meetings with each customer
  • Keep schedule up to date with changes
  • Customer sign-offs on all special order items


  • Read and interpret paperwork(Plans, scopes, budgets, etc.)Bring questions, discrepancies, and unusual conditions to the attention of the Production Manager
  • Attend pre-construction site meeting with Production Manager and Salesperson.
  • Plan job on BT using Planning Job sheet and complete the middle section.
  • Have Pre Construction Meeting with the customer to set expectations and review(site protection/Guild Quality)
  • Knowing and understanding plans/scope/budget before each job begins
  • Revise plans based on feedback from the Production Manager
  • Asking questions on issues you see immediately about the plans/scope/budget.
  • Lawn sign install(with owners permission)
  • Be sure that crew distributes Pardon Our Dust letter prior to construction beginning 
  • Complete pre-construction site assessment
  • Review all permits for specific differences in the city we are working

During Construction

  • Order materials needed in a timely fashion. Have all materials delivered from the vendor. 
  • Prepare task lists for field guys to work off of when at job sites
  • Weekly Labor preps for Production Manager
  • Providing subs and employees with access to the property as well as instructions for securing the property at the end of the day
  • Being available 24/7 for emergency service calls for all work sites
  • Maintains a clean job site throughout the project. Includes being sure all dust barriers are in place and working effectively. Reporting issues to the Production Manager
  • Communicate and create a work environment that utilizes each sub/employees time and brings out the best in each sub/employee
  • Monitor subs/employees that all company policies regarding safety, foul language, drugs, alcohol, smoking, and radio volume/content are being followed. Report all violations to Brad in a timely manner
  • Being sure that no work outside of the scope is being done without a written change order
  • Maintain a clean job site from the street
  • Have large quantities of debris removed
  • Weekly PM Meeting with Production Manager
  • PM Recap update by Tuesday of each week
  • Provide positive and negative feedback for each job site each week
  • Owning and understanding of project budgets
  • Manage the budget on all projects
  • Job cost tracking on a spreadsheet
  • Sub Invoice approval and employee time card crossing for all job sites
  • Go to each project at least 3 times a week(Except during Drywall phase, but be sure homeowner is aware of that)
  • Checking each subs work when they finish with the rough/final for completeness and conformance with their contract
  • Do a Pre-Close in walkthrough prior to Drywall install with the customer if possible 
  • A week before Rough is complete and 2 weeks before the trim is complete create a working punch list 
  • Maintain BT(Schedule, selections, etc.)
  • Discuss and stress the importance of surveys to the customer


  • Supervising that all work is done to our company standards and specifications
  • Assigning the right people to accomplish tasks in the best and most efficient manner

Supervising and scheduling

  • Confirming all subs 24-48 hrs prior to when they are to begin
  • Being prepared for the contractor on the day they are to begin(elevations, floor plans on-site) OWN THIS
  • Providing subs with accurate paperwork including revised scopes/plans and any change orders(this can be done through Buildertrend) 
  • Answering any questions from the subs in regards to layout or product specs
  • Ensuring that each sub leaves the site as they found it in terms of cleanliness, reporting problems to Brad. OWN THIS
  • Noting positives and negatives on all subs per project, report to Brad for quarterly reviews
  • Keeping the project on schedule(notify client and Production Manager of any changes to schedule through Builder Trend)
  • Keeping the project on Budget

Material Management

  • Get material orders and delivery of stock material scheduled 24-48 hrs prior to need.
  • Coordinate receiving material and check for quantity and quality
  • Arrange for material returns
  • Only use credit account with suppliers


  • Schedule and attend all inspections
  • Responsible to rectify any situations brought up by the inspector in a timely fashion 
  • Knowing the process of getting inspection in the town we are working
  • Staying as current on all code requirements.


  • Create an agenda and run company meetings
  • Plan team-building activities

An HDC Laborer is to provide assistance with a variety of tasks such as clean up, hauling, digging, moving materials, framing, trim work, installation of doors and cabinetry and demolition ect while harboring a safe and friendly working environment.

The Handyman is responsible for day to day small maintenance work throughout the jobs that are currently being worked as well as for any past customers.