HDC Services

Find the Right Partner for Your Home Project

Our design-build, custom-tailored services are made just for you and your home project. A personal designer helps you visualize and plan your space. A dedicated project manager ensures your project moves on time and on budget. And our support staff will always go above and beyond to deliver a smooth and positive build experience. 

This model is perfect for larger-scale jobs, typically those that cannot be completed by a handyman or single tradesman. In the context of a larger job, however, we often can roll smaller jobs into the project.

Services We Provide

The HDC Experience: Save Time. Reduce Stress.

Exceptional Care & Consideration

We offer different design and build options to deliver on your individual needs and budget.

You will receive assistance from design concept all the way through final inspection and beyond. Each job is provided a dedicated project manager and design lead/support who are ready to exceed your expectations and make your experience a truly positive one.

We bring the samples and design team to you as well as offer the added convenience of a showroom to help you visualize and plan. Our professional in-house and/or partner designers will help you hone your vision for the space and create a plan to turn it into a reality.

We work directly with municipalities, financial institutions, title companies & insurance agencies so you don’t have to deal with the red tape.

We will take care of moving your furniture and prepping the space so you don’t have to.

We will work to deliver your dream space within your budget. And even if salvageable cabinets and appliances cannot be repurposed in your own space to meet your needs, we will work to ensure they are put to good use through charitable efforts and not in a landfill.

While we are on the job, we are at your reasonable disposal. Going away for a few days? We can take care of the garbage. You can expect us to do the unexpected to provide you with the greatest of care.

We work to put you at ease throughout the process. From our COVID 19 safety precautions to daily site clean up, we want you to feel comfortable and confident in us. We take extra consideration for your lifestyle during construction and alert neighbors of any inconveniences, noise or dust that may occur while working.

Exceptional Communication, Systems & Processes

We will never leave you wondering for days. We respond quickly to your inquiries.

This document is an invaluable tool that allows us to identify gaps in understanding prior to moving forward, ultimately avoiding time-consuming misunderstanding and mistakes. We always ensure your needs come first, and you are heard and understood.

We avoid surprises by ensuring that the dollar amount provided considers everything. Selections are determined in advance to avoid price changes that occur with allowances. And, pricing is inclusive of often forgotten extras like permitting, garbage hauling and all finishing items.

You and your HDC team will walk through the build prior to starting construction in order to set expectations and ensure that everyone has a full understanding of the plan and scope of work to be executed.

We take accountability for our actions and work always. If we damage anything in the process, we will fix it. Your project manager will conduct a preliminary site assessment and walk you through findings prior to beginning the build.

Our BuilderTREND software provides you with real-time updates and status reports on your job. On it, you can locate all job related paper work as well as daily progress reports and photos. It is accessible any hour of the day, seven days a week.

Exceptional Quality & Trusted Relationships

We pay attention and make sure it’s done right.

100% and we offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty on all our work to prove it.

With over 20 years in the industry, we have fostered lifetime relationships with trade partners to bring the very best to your project. As an exclusive dealer with Wood Harbor Custom Cabinetry, we can offer factory assistance in cabinetry and design to truly customize your space to work for you.

Every project we take on becomes our own. From our office staff to our people in the field, we want it to be and are committed to delivering the very best. And, not only do you have a team devoted to your project, you will have a continuous relationship with our Production Manager, available to jump in and help tackle any obstacles should they arise or answer any questions/concerns you may have. We will always go BEYOND BUILDING.

Types of Services We Do Not Currently Provide

In Project Scope

  • Jobs that can be handled by a handyman or a single tradesman (i.e. new floors vs new floors as a part of a kitchen, stairway project, a single tub replacement that is not part of a larger bath project, closet organization, etc.).
  • Roofing replacement
  • Install modular, pre-fabricated addition units or basements.

In Interior Design

  • Furniture arrangement/placement alone unless it's part of a larger renovation project in which they are already designing/creating plans for the room remodel.
  • Furniture selection & interior decorating. Our designers can make recommendations about what size and shape furniture may look good in a space but are not typically picking out furnishings. They focus on more permanent fixtures, finishes, and built-in elements.