Beyond Building: Bathroom Remodeling

Optimize your bathroom spaces. Perhaps an existing area is not sufficiently serving your needs or maybe you desire an additional room to meet your household demands. Whatever your challenge may be, Hogan Design & Construction has the expertise to realize your dream and create a respite to allow for self care.


Bathroom Solutions


Improved Storage

Eliminate clutter. Add storage. Well-thought-out design & placement of cabinetry, shelving and counter space gives you space to breathe.


Statement Fixtures

Define your luxury. Soaking tubs. Custom tile. Cave Showers. Bidets. Make your statement.


Inviting Design

Add natural and layered lighting. Install radiant floor heating. Create the environment that speaks to you.


Additional Space

Reconfigure, expand or add bathroom space to create the flow or room you need.

How Much Will Your Bathroom Remodel Cost? 

Estimate a realistic price range for your project.



Beyond Building Methodology

Eliminate the Stressors During a Bathroom Remodel

As a design-build firm, we are with you every step of the way, from concept to project completion. We provide you with accurate estimates while moving through the design process and define a fixed price before construction begins. And with a designated project manager, you have a single point of contact that makes certain everything goes smoothly.



Free Guide: How to Hire A Contractor

Finding the right remodeling professional(s) for your project can be a process that may have some unexpected twists and turns. That said, we tried to lay out a path for you to follow that will help you find a remodeling team that is a great fit for you and your goals. We recommend reading through the entire guide and then trying to follow the steps one by one. We have included worksheets at the end of the guide that you can use to organize the information you gather. These are just suggestions based on our own experience, so you are welcome to make any modifications to the process we have outlined to make it better fit your personality and goals.

It's important that you know you are choosing the right contractor. Our guide will help you do that.