Understand Remodeling Costs

HDC Pricing Guides are here to help you understand what to expect when you begin conversations surrounding your upcoming remodel. Our guides offer price ranges based on Chicagoland Area building cost estimates as well as our own 20 years experience within the industry. 

Please be aware, the figures listed in these resources are rough estimates only. Each project, like each person and home, is different. All work on your space is custom designed and tailored to your specific needs and taste. As a result, pricing may still vary. Take the first step. Talk to us today about the dream you have for your space and we can help make it a reality.

Learn the average cost of a kitchen remodel depending on whether you want a refresh, a full renovation, or your dream kitchen.

Understand what full-service bathroom remodels at various levels actually cost.

Find out the rough cost of refinishing a basement or building an in-law suite.

Get an idea of the different types of additions often built and a rough cost estimate associated with each.

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