The HDC Express Build Experience

Project Management Services With A Trusted and Established
Home Builder

This option is for those clients with an established, clear vision for their space and who want an expedited timeline.

HDC’s estimator will meet with you to review your ideas and create a defined scope of work for your project. Measurements will be taken. An estimate will then be provided based on the defined scope with allowances made for finishes. The client works through the details of the finishes with their assigned project manager. Timelines are dependent on how long it takes to lock in selections with the project manager and the lead times associated with the selections chosen by the client. 

You will be responsible for providing chosen finishes & selections to HDC. Once received, selections will be entered into our project management system and a start date will be set based on lead times.


Express Build Timeline Outline

Initial Consultation

An HDC project consultant meets with the prospective client virtually or in their home to see the space, discuss the general scope of the project being considered, and to decide if we are a good fit for the project/client needs. Timing: 2 - 3 business days Meeting Outcomes: Rough range estimate for the proposed project. The next steps are outlined.

Official Estimate

If the client decides to move forward with the express option, HDC’s estimator visits the space, works with the customer to finalize the project scope and takes measurements.

Timing: 1-week Meeting Outcomes: Defined project scope and measurements of the space. Finalized estimate with allowances for finishes.

Construction Contract Approval

The contract price includes allowances for all finish items.* Timing: upon agreement Meeting Outcome: Signed Construction Contract

Production Hand-off

The client will meet the assigned project manager for the project along with the HDC project consultant, and the HDC estimator at the space to review the project scope. The client then begins working out the finish details with their assigned project manager. Timing: 1 - 2 weeks post construction contract approval

Project Construction Kick-off

Team on-site to begin work in the space Timing: TBD (dependent on timing to confirm selections, selection lead times & labor scheduling)

*Depending on selections and choices made, this cost could change as the client works through the project with their Project Manager. This is not a fixed-price budget contract since selections and the plan have not yet been finalized.

How Much Will Your Kitchen Remodel Cost? 

While no two projects are alike, our free pricing guide will help you know what to expect when meeting with contractors to discuss your project. At Hogan Design & Construction, we will continually provide you with accurate estimates throughout the design process and establish a fixed price before construction begins.