Sheffield Lane Bathroom

After installing a new deck equipped with a hot tub, they wanted a bathroom/changing room for their bathing visitors. An addition off the back of the house made room for that plan.

Plumbing was installed to make room for the new toilet, shower and sink. The shower is fully tiled with a modern style. The modern concrete sink brings natural elements into the space with a wood pedestal that matches the look and feel of the farm door. The painted black ceiling and dark gray honeycomb tile contrast the white walls to make this an edgy yet inviting room.

Grey deck with covered hot tub after rain
Mirror with white towel and faucets
Chrome faucet and soap dispenser on top of dark granite sink

How Much Will Your Bathroom Remodel Cost?

The cost of your bathroom renovations will be greatly dependent on what your needs are and the current space you have to work with. To get an idea of what full-service bathroom remodels at various levels actually cost, view our Bathroom Pricing Guide.



Glass shower door with bright light in center of ceiling
Brown hexagonal floor tiles with toilet and counter in view
Brown wooden sliding door leading to basement staircase

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