7 Reasons DIY May Not Be the Best Way to Improve Your Home During the Pandemic

Brian Hogan
Sep 18, 2020 11:00:00 AM

Daily norms have changed drastically since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. For many people, this means seeing friends and family way less often, spending more time at home than ever before, and having more unstructured time to fill throughout the week.

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Instead, Ask Yourself: How Can the team at HDC Help?

Given the circumstances, it’s only logical that many homeowners are turning their attention to their home improvement project wish list — according to one survey, about three in four (76%) U.S. homeowners have completed at least one home improvement project since the start of the pandemic.   

Whether spending more time at home has inspired you to improve your living space or having more time on your hands has inspired you to tackle long-delayed projects, chances are you’re weighing the best way to knock out your home improvement goals.  

But before you opt to lay a new hardwood floor in your living room, install a new kitchen sink, or redo the tile on your bathroom walls, it’s important to consider the downsides of DIY — and the upsides of using a professional design/remodel team — during the pandemic.  

This week, we offer 10 reasons why using professionals to complete your home improvement projects beats DIY (hands down) during the pandemic:  

1. Stress + Stress = A Lot of Stress

Let’s face it, the coronavirus pandemic is stressful. Even if you haven't had to change your daily routine all that much, simply going to the grocery store or finding ways to safely connect with family and friends can be challenging. You may have adjusted to life’s new stressors in the age of coronavirus, but they’re still there.

Whether they’re big or small, all home improvement projects come with their own unique set of stressors — especially if you don’t have much experience in the task at hand. Ask yourself how much you’d really like to put on your plate before deciding to “do-it-yourself.” 

2. There’s a Shortage of Building Materials

These days, it’s hard to tell if you’ll be able to get everything on your shopping list, especially if it includes disinfecting wipes or toilet paper. Grocery stores and big-box retailers aren’t the only places being hit by shortages — there’s a shortage of building materials and supplies, too. 

Contractors aren’t just renovation experts, they’re also well-connected and in-the-know: they know which materials are delayed and when they can be expected (and they also know how to work around material delays efficiently). 

Simply put, the pros are better positioned than the average homeowner to get the project done on time — despite any pandemic-related delays.   

3. DIY Means Lots (and Lots) of Trips to the Hardware Store

Home improvement projects typically entail many trips to the local hardware store or building supply center over the course of your renovation. If you have questions about material options or anything else, you may also need to have multiple chats with store employees.

If you’re trying to limit your exposure as much as possible during the pandemic, it’s much less risky to have a few masked trade partners working in a secluded area of your house than it is to go to the store dozens of times. You can read our COVID-19 action plan here

4. DIY Isn’t Always a Safe Approach

Sure, you can watch a zillion YouTube videos and raid the home remodeling section at the local library, but there’s a reason why electricians and plumbers are licensed and bonded: expertise, experience, and safety.

For safety reasons alone, any renovation or home improvement project that includes electrical work and/or plumbing work should be left to the professionals.  

5. Experience Equals Quality, and It Shows

As a top-tier design-build firm, HDC only partners with licensed and bonded subcontractors who’ve been thoroughly vetted and have the skills to match our expectations for high-quality craftsmanship and first-class service. 

Many of our trade partners have been with us for years, meaning we’re all on the same page when it comes to quality and communication. The team at HDC never takes shortcuts that can affect the quality of the project, no matter how simple or complex your project happens to be.

To get the same level of craftsmanship from a DIY renovation would require… you guessed it… help from a pro. 

6. There’s the Project, and Then There’s the Work Site

It's only natural to feel excited about taking on a DIY home improvement project, especially when you have a clear vision for what you’d like to achieve in your space. Unfortunately, home renovation is about much more than just the project itself — it’s also about the work-site. 

Most remodeling projects generate a significant amount of dust and/or debris, which means that unless you take steps to shield the rest of your house from the work that’s going on at the site of your project, your entire home is going to be a dusty, dirty mess. 

When it comes to dust control and site protection, HDC is second to none. From zip walls to floor protection and everything in-between, we respect you and your home from start to finish and take every precaution to ensure that other areas of your space aren’t affected by the work. 

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7. Pros are Experts… and Experts Get Exceptional Results

Design-build professionals have the experience, and experience always shows in the end product. 

A project that looks simple on a home improvement program may actually be more complex than you could have imagined; if you don’t have the expertise or skill to navigate unexpected remodeling problems, your space may not turn out as you’d envisioned. 

Contractors can offer creative and innovative solutions to unexpected problems and situations that the average DIY-enthusiast may not think of or even find on the internet.  

And when you partner with HDC on your home renovation project, the end result is guaranteed with a limited lifetime warranty — if you discover a problem with our work or if something goes wrong, we’ll come back and make it right.  

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