Happy New Year!

Brian Hogan
Jan 1, 2020 11:45:00 AM

Welcome, 2020. This is a big year at Hogan Design & Construction. We are celebrating 20 years in business! As we reflect on how far we’ve come, we are humbled by our customer and community support that has helped us achieve our success to date. We are forever grateful and will continue to do our best to deliver the HDC Beyond Building experience to our clients and neighbors.

Hogan 2020 New Year

It’s Time to Set Goals & Make Space for a Renewed You.

As is customary, we are setting some goals this year at HDC, one of which is this blog! Here we intend to provide you with helpful tips and information about home design, renovations, and care throughout the year. First on our list… helping you achieve your own New Year’s Resolutions through new/renewed spaces!

Is there a truly magic button to make sure we achieve our annual self-reflective goals? No. (It’s still going to take time, commitment and self-discipline.) However, could we inspire, encourage and make it easier for ourselves to keep our resolutions? Yes! 

At Hogan Design and Construction, we think looking at our own spaces and giving a fresh start to certain problem areas could be the jump start we all need. This January, we will be posting a series of blogs with ideas for your home to support some of the most common resolutions that we listed below. 

HDC’s Top 5 New Year’s Resolutions:

  1. Get to the Gym or Exercise More

  2. Eat Healthier

  3. Save Money

  4. Get Organized

  5. Make More Time For Self Care

Let’s make 2020 success! It’s time to get serious about our goals. Over the next twelve months, we hope to inspire you as well as provide you with information that can be used to make sure your home is meeting your lifestyle needs. 

Cheers to you and to the best year yet!