Where to Spend & Where to Save: Stretching Your Kitchen Renovation Budget

Brian Hogan
Aug 14, 2020 3:27:06 PM

You’ve decided to take on your next remodeling project and you cannot wait to get started designing your dream space. You’ve watched your favorite hosts on HGTV convert outdated, cluttered kitchens into a chef’s paradise and you can envision your future days of culinary bliss. However, reality sets in when you get three estimates that are not even close to what they said on TV.

HDC Kitchen with White cabinets and marble counter top

Have no fear! There is no need to get down and completely abandon your dreams. We have some tips to help you extend your renovation budget to help get you closer to that dream space without a lot of sacrifices. 

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At Hogan Design & Construction, we know it’s all about allocating for the important stuff and saving on items that function and will look lovely in your new space without breaking the bank. Read on for our top three places to splurge and our top three areas to save when budgeting for your project.

Top 3 Items to Splurge On in Your Kitchen 

You’ve saved up and you’re ready to get started. No matter what you have budgeted for your project, you will most likely, at one point or another, need to think about what items are worth the spend and which you will have to do without. 

In our twenty years working within the industry, HDC has learned about some areas you just don’t want to skimp on when undergoing kitchen renovations. Investing in the right items can give you a foundation for a kitchen that will last you a lifetime, even when your tastes have changed.

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And by design, we mean first and foremost, functional design. Having the right flow and ample storage for your things will make or break the heart of your home. Take the time and invest in having a designer help you plan out your kitchen so you can avoid clutter and bad traffic flow. 

If appliances and walls need to be moved around for the space to ultimately function, we highly recommend going for it. After all, no matter how beautiful the space looks, if you are constantly running into cabinets or countertop edges as well as causing a traffic jam whenever more than one person moves about, you will never want to be in the space. 

Cosmetic things are easier to change after the fact, but the foundation of great kitchen design is of the utmost importance when creating the heart of the home. 


The kitchen is often the hub of the home, whether you cook or not, and the cabinetry will probably be one of the largest expenditures within the space just on sure volume. Invest wisely. Spend your money on high-quality cabinets that will hold up to daily use and give you the storage you need.

Additionally choosing a lasting design can provide you versatility when trends and tastes change. Timeless options to consider that can adapt to different looks include the classic shaker style or flat front/slab options. 

Here are some pros and cons of different cabinet types for those of you that would like to research more. 


Relative to kitchen design and cabinets, the cost and impact of a faucet you may think is small potatoes. However, spending the extra money on a lovely design can quickly create a statement piece for a relatively affordable price. 

Matthewson Kitchen Sink with Chrome Faucet and White Counter Top

Top 3 Items to Save On in Your Kitchen 

Something has got to give to make your budget work. There are ways to get that dream kitchen without breaking the bank. Here is where to save.


There is no way around it. Appliances are big-ticket items when renovating a kitchen. However, if your budget is getting tight, it is in your best interest, in most cases, (unless you are a commercial chef that caters out of the home) to choose mid-range to affordable luxury appliances. You will get lovely, high functioning products for a much lower cost.


Farmhouse apron sinks are gorgeous, but they are also expensive. Investing in a more affordable under-mount sink surrounded by beautiful countertops and an elegant faucet design will achieve that high-end look for less.


Lighting is another item in which you can find savings. That lovely blown glass pendant is indeed striking but you can most likely find a more affordable option that will deliver on the style you envision. 

Big box stores offer some great options - it’s not all utilitarian anymore - or you could look for more unique finds at local flea markets and resale shops if that is something you enjoy to do. Just be aware that buying old may require some rewiring to make sure you are up to code and safe. 

A kitchen renovation is a large undertaking, but well worth the time, money, and effort. After all, it is considered the heart of the home so keep it functioning and healthy for you and your loved ones.

If you are ready to begin your remodeling journey, Hogan Design & Construction’s designers, carpenters, and project managers are ready to help. Learn more about our process and contact us today to get started. 

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