RE/MAX St. Charles Headquarters

RE/MAX St. Charles wanted a high profile location where their brand could be extremely visible. The entire project was essentially new construction from the ground up. HDC demolished the existing office space in the original, location leaving only two foundation walls from which to rebuild the new RE/MAX St. Charles Headquarters.

The two-story office with an additional ground level entrance was meant to fit in while standing apart from other local area businesses. The field stone tower makes a grand statement to the outer facade and the use of all the natural elements helps to create a timeless, classic look. The cedar and iron emergency escape turns a utilitarian necessity into a focal point of natural beauty. The large number of windows ensures that natural light abounds within.

The interior delivers a primarily modern, funky feel with a hint of transitional aesthetic that is relatively minimalist yet inviting. Fun accents and bold design choices take these offices from routine boring to areas for inspiration. The flexible work space allows agents and their customers to get work done as well as spend time getting to know one another.  

Ultimately, RE/MAX’s building design, both inside and out, delivered a space that is enjoyed by their agents, customers and residents alike.

Remax front entrance exterior
Remax exterior street view with American flag
Black desks in beige colored workspace

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Remax reception desk under three globe lights
Remax break area with wooden cabinets and light grey chairs
Black desks in beige colored workspace