Beyond Building: A Design Build Approach

For customers that need a locked-in budget & design development/assistance with the remodeling process of large-scale jobs that have a lot of
variables & costs.

Design Build Approach

The Full-Service Way to Manage Your Project

As a Design-Build Firm, we manage all aspects of the project for you, from concept to completion. Your designated project manager will work with our project consultant, production manager, architect, designer, and contractors, as a team, in order to deliver your project, on schedule and on budget. The HDC team approach allows us to collaborate and effectively problem-solve as well as innovate throughout the entire Design-Build process without you having to manage multiple entities.

Learn more about the HDC Design-Build process and how we collaboratively work to bring your home remodeling project to life.

Step 1: Introductions and Exploration

The process and partnership begins with our initial contact. Once we receive an inquiry, we pride ourselves on quickly getting back to you to discuss your project and set up an initial consultation.

At that consultation, we will listen to your needs and ideas to ensure we have a clear understanding of your desired outcome. We will ask a lot of questions to fully understand what you are trying to accomplish and to help us come up with some possible project solutions to achieve your goals. We can then use our previous experience to provide you with an estimated budget range.

Step 2: The Discovery Phase

For those needing an architect and/or engineer involved in a renovation, we may recommend a discovery contract/meeting. You know how your space needs to perform, now it’s time to discuss what it will look like. Working with our full project development team, you can begin to define what you want for your space. You talk. We listen and learn. What are your likes and dislikes? What is your style? Even if you don’t know yet, we will help you define it. Following this discussion, you will be presented with a design contract. This contract is a result of all key players having an understanding of what it will take to deliver the project you have imagined.

If your project scope does not require a discovery meeting, you will skip step two and move straight to the design phase.

Step 3: The Design Phase

After the Discovery meeting, we will present you with a design contract with the discussed construction budgetary goals and based on the best design option selected to meet your project needs. This pricing is for all design and development work required for your project including architectural development, design planning, as well as civil and estimating work. After signing the design contract, you will begin to meet with your dedicated design team member to develop the plans and selections for your space.

Once our team has gotten your input, your designer and, if its part of your project scope, the architect will work to create a cohesive structural plan to present. Final revisions will be made with your feedback and input. Our architect will finalize his structural drawings and the design plan will be completed.

Step 4: Estimating and Planning Your Build

Upon completion of the design plans, our estimator will have a site meeting with our subcontractors to establish a fixed price for your project based on the approved design plans. During this phase, the scope of work is finalized and detailed out. The construction contract is presented, outlining the scope of work for each individual trade as well as the list of selections made during the design phase.

Once the construction contract is signed, the plans are handed off to our production manager, a project manager is assigned to the job, and a site visit is set up in order to review the project plan details as well as allow for introductions. At this point, your project manager becomes your single point of contact.

The project manager takes 2-8 weeks to finalize construction plans (ordering materials & scheduling subcontractors), submit for permit, determine a start date, and populate our online state-of-the-art project managing software.

Step 5: Construction

The customer is invited into the job’s online project management system which allows the client to monitor the construction progress and see everything that we are seeing. The project manager will reach out to keep you updated and is never more than a phone call away during the construction process for questions as well.

Step 6: Project Delivered

Schedules are adhered to, quality is guaranteed and your project is delivered on time and on budget.

How Much Will Your Kitchen Remodel Cost? 

While no two projects are alike, our free pricing guide will help you know what to expect when meeting with contractors to discuss your project. At Hogan Design & Construction, we will continually provide you with accurate estimates throughout the design process and establish a fixed price before construction begins.