Beyond Building: HDC's Express Build Approach

For clients with an established, clear vision for their space and who want an expedited timeline. It’s experienced general contracting services at their best.

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Dependable Help to Manage Your Project

As a Design Build Firm, we can manage all aspects of the project for you, from concept to completion. However, there are times when a client just wants someone to help organize and run with their own plan. Your designated project manager will work with you, your sales associate, selections coordinator, production manager, and contractors, as a team, in order to deliver the vision you have for your space. This team approach allows us to collaborate and effectively problem-solve as well as ensure nothing is missed as you take on this remodeling project with our assistance.

Step 1: Introductions and Understanding

The process and partnership begins with our initial contact. Once we receive an inquiry, we pride ourselves on quickly getting back to you to discuss your project and set up an initial consultation. 

At that consultation, we will listen to your needs and ideas to ensure we have a clear understanding of your desired outcome as well as understand the options you are considering to achieve your desired space. We will take measurements and photos so that we can later provide you with more specific ideas for your project along with a ballpark estimate and list of allowances you will need to plan for when making your selections and finalizing your plans.

Step 2: Contracting and Planning Your Build

An estimated budget range is agreed upon by our estimator and project consultant. A construction contract is signed by both Hogan Design & Construction and our client.

The scope outline is handed off to our production manager, a project manager is assigned to the job, and a site visit is set up in order to review plan details as well as allow for introductions. At this point, your project manager becomes your single point of contact.

With this option, the client is responsible for providing all finishing selections to their project manager in order to finalize the project details and for construction to be scheduled. The budget will be adjusted, as needed, through change orders and driven by client selections to reflect any variances to the original, budgeted allowances.

Once all selections have been locked down and placed on order, the project manager is able to set a start date based on material delivery dates and subcontractor availability.

Step 3: Construction

The customer is invited into the job’s online project management system which allows the client to monitor the construction progress and see everything that we are seeing. The Project Manager will reach out to keep you updated and is never more than a phone call away during the construction process for questions as well.

Step 4: Project Delivered

We work at the client’s pace to ensure comfort in the process and partnership.

How Much Will Your Kitchen Remodel Cost? 

While no two projects are alike, our free pricing guide will help you know what to expect when meeting with contractors to discuss your project. At Hogan Design & Construction, we will continually provide you with accurate estimates throughout the design process and establish a fixed price before construction begins.