Featured Project: Leelyn Smith | Geneva, Illinois

The building that formerly housed the long-time locally-owned men’s clothier store Erday, from 1925 to 2013, underwent a complete transformation in 2020. We could not be prouder to have been an integral part of this project. 

Working with the new owners Drew and Rachel Grider of the Leelyn Smith 301 W. State Street/10 N Third Street edifice, as well as our area partners Dan Marshall of  Marshall Architects in St. Charles and Cara Mammoth of Haven Design Group in Geneva (who, in addition to the design, spearheaded the company rebranding formerly known as The Retirement Network and played a key role in identifying the location), the two-story retail building was converted into a multi-purpose space housing offices, retail, Haven Design Group’s new office space, our inaugural HDC showroom, a rental apartment with rooftop balcony and an airbnb accommodation for area visitors. 

The exterior structural and design changes maintained the historic building’s integrity while bringing the facade up-to-date. A new roof was installed and the brick received a fresh coat of paint from its former deep burgundy to a very pale gray/tonal white. The windows were framed in black to contrast the exterior color and match the substantial, modern black metal awning that makes an elegant and impactful impression from Third Street’s street-side view. 

The Leelyn Smith/Erday interior was completely gutted. The design is modern with a minimalist schematic involving clean lines and a simple gray and white color palette. However, the introduction and use of natural elements throughout - wood, stone, and plant life - make this modern space exceptionally inviting and warm. 

Windows and skylights were added to let in an abundance of natural light. The warm, well-lit corridors were designed to create an open feel in a space that might feel traditionally cramped.  Every room features walls of floor-to-ceiling glass to allow for the transfer of natural light from the exterior to all interior spaces. Unique modern light fixtures are reminiscent of the utilitarian fluorescent tube lights found in offices of the past but completely re-conceptualized to create floating works of art.

A street-facing beverage/coffee station features cabinetry and open shelving in dark gray to contrast the clean white tonal walls. A modern eat-in island provides ample seating for guests and employees to enjoy the views and conversation.

The project's success was brought to life through strong local partnerships. The result is a newly renovated iconic building that truly stands out while maintaining its fit into Geneva’s historic and  quaint downtown.

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