5 Popular Bathroom Upgrades

Brian Hogan
Dec 10, 2020 11:00:00 AM

If you could renovate any room in your house, which one would you choose? For most people, the decision is between the two most high-use, high-function spaces in any home: the kitchen and the main bathroom.

Elegant white transitional bathroom with mirrored cabinetry, dual sinks, a vaulted ceiling and chandelier.

According to the most recent National Association of Homebuilders survey on home renovation trends, kitchens and bathrooms account for a full 80% (four in five) of all residential remodeling projects.

Over the last few years, a full bathroom update has become the most popular renovation, and it’s easy to see why — besides increasing the value of your home and reducing your monthly water bill, a new bathroom can infuse your daily routine with a bit of luxury. 

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Let’s explore five of today’s most popular bathroom upgrades, in no particular order:

Floating Vanity

Exceptional bathroom design is all about striking the perfect balance between functionality, practicality, serenity, and elegance. As with any room, the key to achieving this lofty goal is how you make use of the space you’ve got. 

No matter its size or style, you want your bathroom to feel airy and open — not cramped and cluttered. Mounted to the wall and suspended above the floor, a floating vanity is a simple and sophisticated way to create a more spacious floor plan without having to sacrifice storage. 

A floating vanity can be as uncomplicated as a solid plank of reclaimed wood with a vessel sink, or as elaborate as a full cabinet system outfitted with double sinks and plenty of drawers and open shelves. 

Walk-In Shower

A curbless walk-in shower is one of the most requested bathroom upgrades, and for good reason: like a floating vanity, it creates instant luxury along with a more open and spacious feel. 

But the benefits of installing a walk-in shower go beyond beautiful design. In addition to making your bathroom look bigger, a “no-threshold” shower is easier to clean and safer for aging family members. 

In fact, a curbless shower is a top “aging-in-place” upgrade for homeowners who plan to remain in the same house well into their golden years. But even if you don’t plan to stay put, a walk-in shower still adds value to your home and makes it more appealing to buyers who are looking to age in place. 

Large, frameless barrier-free shower with marble tile

Radiant Floor Heating

It may seem like an indulgent splurge, but once you’ve stepped out of the shower onto warm stone or ceramic tiles, radiant floor heating is a luxury you won’t want to live without.   

Installing a radiant-heat system below your bathroom floor is more than just a treat for your feet, however — it’s a highly efficient and truly invisible way to heat your bathroom during the long, cold winter, a time when coziness and comfort are everything.

With a radiant floor system, warmth is supplied by hot-water tubes or electric wires installed over the subflooring. Once the system is in place, you can cover it with most top-tier bathroom flooring options, including ceramic, stone, textured concrete, cork, and engineered wood.

High-Tech Fixtures

Indoor plumbing will always qualify as a modern marvel, but conventional toilets, faucets, and shower heads are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Installing high-tech fixtures can help you modernize your bathroom, conserve water, and streamline your daily self-care routine.

No-touch faucets and flushers can make the bathroom a cleaner place for all who use it, while low-flow shower heads and toilets with dual-flush action can help you conserve water and save money. 

High-tech bathroom upgrades can be as pleasurable as they are practical; a programmable shower head allows you to set your preferred water temperature and pressure for the perfect shower every time. 

Statement Lighting

Lighting may be the design element that illuminates all the other elements in a space, but it can also be a major statement unto itself. And the right lighting — at best, a mix of natural light and layered lighting fixtures — can really take your bathroom to the next level.    

Bold lighting design is the element that you never knew was missing from your bathroom until you see just how much it redefines your space. 

Include a mixture of daring fixtures for maximal effect: place interesting sconces alongside a mirror, hang funky pendants over a countertop, or install a modern chandelier in the middle of the room — the possibilities are endless. 

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