Best Backyard Shade Options For Your Outdoor Living Space

Brian Hogan
May 3, 2024 10:23:54 AM

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and it's the perfect time to spend some quality time outdoors. However, the sun can get a little too intense sometimes, making it uncomfortable to enjoy your backyard paradise.


Fear not, fellow sun-dwellers! In this blog, we share a variety of shade options you can implement to create a cool and relaxing retreat in your backyard.

Natural Beauty

  • Trees:  This classic solution provides ample shade and can add a touch of nature to your yard. When choosing a tree, consider how quickly it grows, its mature size, and the amount of shade it will cast.
  • Vines: Vining plants can be a beautiful and functional way to create shade. Plant them on a trellis or pergola for a customizable shaded area. Morning glories, clematis, and wisteria are all popular choices.

Temporary Solutions

  • Umbrellas: A portable and easy-to-use option, umbrellas are perfect for creating shade over seating areas or lounge chairs. Look for umbrellas with adjustable heights and tilts for maximum sun protection.
  • Canopies: Pop-up canopies are a great choice for temporary shade, especially for parties or gatherings. They come in a variety of sizes and can be easily transported and stored.

Permanent Structures

  • Pergolas: These open-air structures are a versatile way to add shade and style to your backyard. Pergolas can be left open or covered with fabric, shade sails, or climbing plants.
  • Awnings: Retractable awnings are a convenient way to add shade to your patio or deck. They can be extended when needed and retracted when you want to enjoy the sunshine.

Choosing the Right Shade Option

The best shade option for your backyard will depend on your budget, needs, and style. Consider how much shade you need, how permanent you want the solution to be, and how much maintenance you are willing to do.

In addition to all these factors, here are some other things to consider when selecting the best shade option for your home:

  • Sun exposure: How much sun does your backyard get throughout the day? What time of day is your backyard most exposed to sunlight?
  • Wind: If your backyard is windy, you may want to choose a more stable shade option, such as a pergola or awning.
  • Maintenance: Some shade options require more maintenance than others. For example, trees need to be pruned regularly, while pergolas may need to be repainted every few years.

With a little planning, you can find the perfect shade solution to create a cool and comfortable outdoor space for you and your family to enjoy all summer long.

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