Checklist: Decorating Your Bath This Fall

Fall is a beautiful time to add warmth and coziness to your entire home. Adding seasonal accents to rooms like your bathroom will usher in this special time of year, creating a warm and inviting respite for you, your family, and guests alike. Check out our Fall Decorating Checklist, with lots of seasonal ideas and concepts.  

1. Autumn Colors: Start by choosing a color scheme that reflects the fall season. Think about warm, earthy tones such as deep reds, oranges, yellows, and browns. You can use these colors for your towels, shower curtains, and accessories.

2. Fall-Themed Shower Curtain: Replace your regular shower curtain with a fall-inspired design. Look for patterns featuring autumn leaves, pumpkins, acorns, or plaid prints.

3. Seasonal Hand Towels: Swap out your usual hand towels for ones with autumn motifs or colors. Look for towels with embroidered fall leaves or cute pumpkin designs.

4. Candles: Place scented candles around the bathroom to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Scents like pumpkin spice, apple cinnamon, or vanilla can be perfect for the season.

5. Fall Wall Art: Hang framed autumn-themed artwork or prints on your bathroom walls. You can find paintings, photographs, or even DIY crafts featuring fall landscapes or foliage.

6. Wreaths: Decorate the bathroom door or a wall with a fall wreath made from leaves, pinecones, or dried flowers. You can even make a wreath as a fun DIY project.

7. Autumn Accessories: Add small autumn-themed accessories like ceramic pumpkins, gourds, or decorative acorns to your bathroom countertops or shelves.

8. Fragrant Soaps: Display fragrant soaps in fall-inspired shapes and scents. Consider pumpkin-spice soap or apple-cider-scented soap for an extra touch.

Luxurious bathroom with warm white lighting, large mirrors, and a single vanity bathroom counter
2nd Street Luxury Bath Suite

9. Seasonal Rug: Place a cozy fall-themed rug or mat in front of the sink or bathtub. Look for one with a leaf pattern or warm autumn colors.

10. Fall Flowers: Arrange a vase of fresh or faux fall flowers, such as sunflowers, mums, or orange roses, on the bathroom countertop. This will add a touch of nature and color to the space.

11. Fall-Flavored Toiletries: Switch to fall-scented bath products like cinnamon-scented shampoo or pumpkin-spice body wash to enhance the seasonal vibe.

12. Soft Throws or Blankets: If you have space, add a basket of cozy fall throws or blankets to snuggle up after a bath or shower.

13. Seasonal Decor: Consider adding general fall decor items like cornstalks, hay bales, or a scarecrow just outside the bathroom door to set the mood before entering.

14. Pumpkin Decor: Incorporate pumpkins into your bathroom decor. You can use natural or artificial pumpkins to decorate shelves or countertops.

15. Curtain Tiebacks: If you have curtains in your bathroom, use fall-themed tiebacks, like leaf-shaped ones, to add a subtle touch of the season.

With these ideas, you can create a warm and inviting fall-themed bathroom that will make your daily routines feel cozier during autumn. Remember to keep safety in mind when decorating. Avoid placing flammable decorations near candles or other heat sources, and ensure that any decor items won't obstruct movement or create hazards in the space.

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