New Year, New Space: Now’s the Time to Plan Your 2022 Home Remodeling Project

Brian Hogan
Jan 13, 2022 8:30:00 AM

The New Year has always marked a season of fresh beginnings and renewed energy with an eye toward intention. Given that 2022 also marks the start of the third year of the coronavirus pandemic, most people are (perhaps more than ever)  ready for change.  

Transitional living room with pale neutral wall, fireplace, leather sectional and apholstered chair. Featuring painted ceiling beams and a modern chandelier and black striped doors and transom windows leading out to a balcony.

For many people, now is the perfect time to start tackling lingering home improvement projects or planning renewed spaces. And if recent home renovation trends and future projections are any indication, that’s exactly what the average homeowner plans to do. 

As a recent article in Forbes Magazine puts it so succinctly: “the home remodeling market has been in continued expansion despite the pandemic.” People quickly found out what they loved — and didn’t like at all — about their spaces during the great lockdown of 2020, and the surge in home renovation projects hasn’t stopped since.  

If you’re ready to revamp your space, now’s the time to get your project on the books. Explore the top home renovation trends and upgrades forecast for 2022, and get an idea of the average renovation project timeline from start to finish. 

Top Home Renovation Trends of 2022

Many of the projected home remodeling and improvement trends for 2022 build off the home renovation momentum that was established in 2020, and accelerated in 2021. This year, a considerable number of homeowners are expected to take on one (or more) of the following projects:  

Dedicated home office space

While having a dedicated home office was becoming increasingly important to many people before the pandemic, it’s become an absolute must for most homeowners today, many of whom log into work from their couch. Industry experts believe that the continuation of hybrid schedules and random stretches of remote learning will keep dedicated home office space at the top of the renovation project wish list for 2022.   

Larger multifunctional rooms

Even before the pandemic, it was common for families to outgrow their spaces as new members were added or kids began growing up. When the pandemic forced many families to work, learn, and relax in the same space altogether, many learned that their living spaces weren’t large enough for their needs. In 2022, we expect a significant number of people to add more square footage of living space to their existing home, or to remodel their existing living space to make it more functional.  

Culinary-specific kitchen upgrades

The pandemic has meant that many people no longer eat out as often as they used to, but it doesn’t mean people no longer crave great food or culinary experiences. To that end, many homeowners will be looking to undertake a partial or complete kitchen renovation in 2022. In many cases, the focus will be on upgrading and expanding kitchen countertops, installing new, energy-efficient appliances, and creating better flow within the space.

Spa-like bathroom renovations

If there’s one lesson from 2020 and 2021 that shouldn’t be forgotten in 2022, it’s that relaxation and self-care are essential aspects of our overall health and well-being. That may be why spa-like bathroom renovations are at the top of many home improvement lists this year. From installing a stylish new soaking tub, a relaxing steam shower, or radiant floor heating to finding the perfect vanity, tiling, and light fixtures, this year’s bathroom is all about setting a luxurious mood.  

Modern spa bath with large separate dual vanities flanking the side of a soaking tub under two large picture windows. Marble tile and a large walk in shower.

Enhanced outdoor living spaces 

Whether it was to gather safely with friends and family or simply get away from the same interior spaces, the pandemic pushed many people to get outside when the weather was good. Improved outdoor living spaces was a top priority for many homeowners last year, and that trend is only expected to grow stronger this year. If you’re looking to build an outdoor kitchen, add a shade structure like a pergola or a pavilion, build a new deck, or all the above, our team is ready to help.

Sustainable, eco-friendly upgrades 

As more intense weather patterns and unprecedented seasonal changes begin to affect our daily lives, energy efficiency and sustainable home upgrades have captured America’s collective consciousness. In 2022, expect to see a significant increase in the number of homeowners who want to install energy-efficient doors and windows, swap old inefficient appliances for new low-energy models, and diminish their carbon footprint by installing solar panels and reducing their reliance on electricity that’s powered by unclean fossil fuels.  

Typical HDC Home Remodeling Timelines 

As 2022 gets underway, our team at Hogan Design & Construction, as with many other area builders, is already busy scheduling projects for late spring or early summer. That is to say, if you’re thinking of renovating your space, building a new addition, or upgrading certain aspects of your home this year, now is a good time to get in touch and see what we can offer.  

Preliminary contact

When you make an inquiry with HDC, you will get a response within a 24-hour business day and can expect your initial project consultation to be scheduled within two weeks of initial contact. There you can decide if HDC is the right fit for your project. 

Depending on the scope of work you will require, we can begin the discovery process and get the right people involved with the planning and design to meet your needs. Once our due diligence is done, we present the design contract for your approval. 

Illustration of the HDC Design and Discovery Processes - from initial contact to construction contract

Design Development

Upon agreement, we head into the selections/design development phase, which runs concurrently with the project drawing/build plan development phase for those that require engineering and architect involvement. The timing to begin this phase depends on the current pipeline of projects in-house and the complexity of your job. In 2021, timing from design contract signing to the design phase kick-off fell somewhere between 5 to 7 weeks. 

The benefit of our design process allows you to get to a fixed budget and helps to avoid any surprises during construction. Upon completion of design, you are presented with a construction contract with pricing that takes into account all selections and labor costs. 


Start dates for construction are dependent on long-lead items — our team won’t start demolition until these items are in-house. For example, currently kitchen cabinet orders are taking around 15 to 17 weeks for delivery.

While this is a typical timeframe, it’s important to note that every job is unique and that things can move along more quickly or more slowly depending on the project scope, designated team availability, or the development of unexpected anomalies (like slow supply chains) that may affect construction.  

With beautiful design centers in downtown Geneva and Wheaton and our reputation for exceptional project management and customer service, we’re ready to discuss your remodeling project and help you understand your options. Make 2022 the year you make your dream space a reality!

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